Create a life you love with Alan

When accumulation, conquests or the "next win" don't hold the same thrill they use to...

When you are no longer willing to compromise your happiness, health or your dreams...

When you know there is more music in you to play...

Together we will compose your new life song on -your terms


Whether attending a concert, listening to a keynote presentation, or working one-on-one Alan Peterson provides the soundtrack of love and lightness to take you on a journey into the depth of your heart and soul. Book Alan to share his gifts with your audience. 


Read below to learn more, then submit a booking request so we can coordinate the details specifically for you.


Enjoy the examples of offerings below and keep in mind Alan can co-create with a unique experience for your event:

Music of the Heart Coaching


Music Alchemy & Conscious Life Upgrade Coaching

Work with Alan one-on-one. Alan stirs your hearts song and creates a safe container for you to love your fear to Faith. When you work with Alan, you have access to all his gifts and he will combine music and his Conscious Life Upgrade Coaching skills to facilitate lasting transformation of beliefs that have prevented you from living the life you desire. 


Connect with Alan to discover how he can support you with your next life upgrade! 

Keynote Speaking 
Conscious Concerts
Festival Performer & Event Presenter:
Alan offers concerts,  workshops and talks which can be a powerful addition to your lineup with his soulful voice, enchanting acoustic guitar and piano, and messages of love, unity and enviromental consciousness. Alan's presence will elevate the vibration for the audience at your event.


Main Service Keynote Concert:

Alan delivers an entire themactic concert that compliments your community, organization, or event's message. Examples include; quantum leaps, mother earth consciousness, heart-centered living. Submit your booking inquiry here


Music & Message

As a guest speaker and musician for your Sunday service Alan will captivate your community with his Music & Message. Alan's Message is 30-45 minutes with the addition 2-3 songs that harmonize with the format found in a service.





Music & Workshop: 

Create a 3-4 hour magical experience. Create a deeper heart centered experience of Alan's music, teachings, and experiences. Workshop examples are listed below and can be customized.



A Quiet Exit or A Quantum Leap? 
It's Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams!
Do you still have music for life still to sing? Alan is living proof it's never too late to follow your dreams. He will share with you his personal pathway of transformation that led him to taking a quantum leap and living his dreams.
This workshop will give you practical tools to transform whatever is holding you back from taking your leap.
Through music, sound, conscious life upgrade coaching facilitation and experiential activities, you will identify, transform and liberate the music of your heart. Transform fear into Faith & Courage and Follow Your Dreams!





"Follow Your Dreams"

Follow Your Dreams - Alan Peterson