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When you are ready to ignite the music of your heart...let's talk.

 Musician, songwriter, speaker & activist Alan Peterson uses the transformative power of music and lyrics, to uncover the truths that lay deep within the heart. Alan's playful, positive and sometimes rebellious approach provides a soundtrack to the soul, facilitating an experience that empowers audiences to create deeper, more meaningful and joyous lives. 


"The song “Music of the Heart” by Alan Peterson truly encompasses the values of Wesley Spectrum. The song speaks of finding the music in everyday things, both the good and the bad. Wesley provides its services to help guide children and families to a more independent life in their community. Within the creative arts program, we harness the power of music that Peterson’s song speaks about. His passion and beliefs about the influences of music pour into this song. The power of music can be transformational in everyone finding their own life song."

~Katie Harrill - Certified Music Therapist

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Alan's Music

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A Deal With The Devil
Beautiful Night